October, 2009, Eight Years in Afghanistan – How Many More?

At the current rate of American deaths in Afghanistan, over 1,000 additional American soldiers will be killed in the next two years of “hard fighting” predicted by the Pentagon as the next phase of a ten year occupation. Another $130 billion for Afghanistan and Iraq now is being rushed through a sleeping Congress. An escalation of even more troops is pending. We have been given the rationale that the war is to protect the rights of women, but what we hear from the women of Afghanistan is that the ongoing combat in their country causes incalculable suffering.

A majority of Americans – including 70 percent from the majority party – now consider Afghanistan a mistake. Now is the time for an exit strategy to end these wars.

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Wednesday, October 7: 8th Anniversary since the US invaded Afghanistan ~ The first day of the 9th year of the US war in Afghanistan, a horror that has cost over $200 billion, the lives of 852 Americans, (222 in 2009 alone) and the lives of many thousands of Afghans. Hold a vigil, hold a banner at a well-trafficked spot, get the word out! AFSC and UFPJ are organizing vigils nationwide–find one in your area.

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