A Tragicomic solo show by Jennifer Jajeh

1With the current ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, the threat of global terrorism, and the never-ending negotiations and hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by all of the bad international news. That’s exactly how Jennifer Jajeh feels. And to make matters worse, Jennifer is Palestinian. Well, Palestinian American. Or more precisely: a single, Christian, first generation, Palestinian American woman who chooses to return to her parents’ hometown of Ramallah at the start of the Second Intifada.

Join her on American and Palestinian soil on auditions, bad dates, and across military checkpoints as she navigates the thorny terrain around Palestinian identity. Weaving together humor, slides, pop culture references and live theatre, Jajeh explores how she becomes Palestinian-ized, then politicized and eventually radicalized in a fresh, often funny, searingly honest way.

“I ♥ Hamas: And Other Things I’m Afraid To Tell You”, recognized by NYTheatre.com as “a fascinating look into a world we don’t often see or hear about,” made its world premiere in 2008 as a part of New York’s International Fringe Festival. Following strong media praise and audience reception, the play makes its San Francisco debut on September 17, 2009 as a co-production with Off-Market Theaters. http://bit.ly/3cfBo

Kicking Horse: I saw the show last week and was absolutely floored by Jennifer Jajeh’s performance. Her tangibility and being able to talk to her after the show was amazing and pretty much solidified my infatuation with her. I’m encouraging everyone in the San Francisco Bay Area to come to her show. You have to buy tix soon though, because her show has received much notoriety and is selling out. If you are interested in getting I ♥ Hamas at a venue near you (*cough* SJP West…) then I encourage you to either let myself know or use the contact link below. The show is incredible. Jennifer puts you in the shoes of a Palestinian American…Ha…look at me trying to be all film critic and stuff. Ok…just click the “Reviews” link below to hear what smart people have to say about the show. I’m just saying…the show is mad dope, Jennifer Jajeh’s performance is illmatic…

ok…she’s hella cute too, sssssh!


Due to overwhelming demand, we have extended the run of “I Heart Hamas” by 4 weeks! 7 new performance dates added! THANK YOU San Francisco!


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