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If you are blind, deaf, and lacking a pulse then you are perhaps one of the members of a unique group of people who have not yet heard of state-sanctioned or extralegal squadrons of oppressive agents policing the moral behavior of citizens in Islamic states.  The Bush administration, after failing to find Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan, used the Taliban’s oppression of its citizens, women in particular, as an excuse to further the war in Afghanistan.  After the Bush administration’s epic failure to find Saddam Hussein’s countless weapons of mass destruction he’d supposedly been stockpiling for several years the push towards “regime change” in Hussein’s Iraq was similarly furthered by Bush’s claims of freeing the Iraqi people from oppression.

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Taken from CBSNews post Afghan Women's Freedom in Jeopardy http://bit.ly/jGBQG

In fact, when we think about the concept of “morality policing” or the oppression of women, gays, etc., rarely do we look further than Islamic rule in the Middle East or African countries.  Lashing, genital mutilation, public humiliation, honor killings, acid attacks… Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, Muslims, and Muslims.  We see the news reports, heck, there are even movies dedicated to these specific atrocities.  Naturally we almost unanimously condemn such occurrences and fight hard to educate others regarding these practices; hoping to rally behind one another to stop them.  Although these attacks are often cited as being “Islamic” or as part of the growing problem of “Islamic fundamentalism,” Muslims in so-called “Western” countries are often at the forefront of movements chastising and denouncing such actions.  We, as “Westernized” peoples, couldn’t fathom how such things could happen and usually write it off as being testament to the backwardness of these societies.

With the high visibility of such attacks in Western media, one would expect all such actions to be brought to the attention of the world public.  Perhaps it is so in other countries.  As an American, however, I cannot recollect any such reporting of incidents save for countries where Islam is the predominant religious practice or when being perpetrated by some rogue Islamic fundamentalist group.  Curiosity begs me to question if these are truly an Islamic phenomena  as my media outlets suggest.

But hark! What light through yonder window breaks? ‘Tis the East… wait… no… ’tis the West… wait, what?

Ari Galahar
Published: 10.22.09, 08:44

Jerusalem ‘chastity squad’ branching out

Residents of capital’s Beit Israel neighborhood say members of ‘modesty guard’ recently attacked young divorcee, American yeshiva students suspected of screening porn films

Jerusalem’s “chastity squad” is branching out and has recently begun operating in the capital’s Beit Israel neighborhood. According to local residents, several of the neighborhood’s inhabitants have been violently attacked by members of the “modesty guard”.

One of the residents told Ynet that a divorcee living in the neighborhood had been assaulted by squad members, who poured hot water on her and beat her at a local playground.

“The ‘chastity squad’ members snatched her at the playground, poured hot water on her, and when she began shouting they beat her up,” said the resident who witnessed the incident. READ MORE…

‘Chastity squad’ man charged with attacking computer store clerks

Shmuel Weisfish accused of threatening to murder employees of Jerusalem computer store for selling ‘non-kosher’ MP4 players

Aviad Glickman

Published: 04.02.09, 22:06 / Israel News

The Jerusalem Prosecutor’s Office filed an indictment Thursday with the capital’s District Court against Shmuel Weisfish, 22, a member of the notorious ultra-Orthodox ‘chastity squad’.

Weisfish is accused of attacking employees at a computer store in Jerusalem’s Geula neighborhood and threatening to torch the store and murder them. Charges include rioting, blackmail, threat, and aggravated assault and battery.

According to the indictment, Weisfish took part in “chastity squad” protests that were regularly held outside the computer store, which the members accused of selling “non-kosher” MP4 players. According to the ‘chastity squad’, the gadgets expose users to inappropriate content. READ MORE…


Don't look at me Little Puppet!  Ok... horrible caption.  I couldn't help the <i>American Me</i> reference.  <i>Photo: Haim Tzach</i>

Don't look at me Little Puppet! Ok... horrible caption. I couldn't help the American Me reference. Photo: Haim Tzach

Hmmm… kinda funny. I’ve never heard of these “Chastity Police.” I thought only backward Muslim countries had such things. Why wasn’t I told that “Westerners” were capable of such things in these days. Wow… does this mean that I am susceptible to becoming a Western extremist? Wait… why haven’t I seen any movies about the Jewish Chastity Police? Seems like it would be a huge seller at the box office. I haven’t even seen even the tiniest clip or heard a snippet of a news bite on any of my hundreds and hundreds of Comcast Cable stations. In fact, aside from YnetNews I can’t even find any internet news coverage of them whatsoever; just blog postings… and mostly by concerned Jews. Perhaps no one else knows about the “Jewish Taliban,” as some conscientious commenters are referring to them as. Ahem… HEY! AMERICAN MEDIA… STOP BEING SO AFRAID OF AIPAC AND START RESPECTING THE FREEDOM OF JEWISH PEOPLE IN ISRAEL TO BE WHO THEY WANT TO BE. Guess what? There are bad people across the entire globe. Morality police are pouring boiling hot water on the faces of Jewish women for watching porn!

Let’s have some fairness, please?  Perhaps some equality in reporting?  Let’s not contribute to the oppression of the innocent Jewish people in Israel by not reporting their woes!

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