Operation Cast Lead was a war on civilians.

Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL18] has introduced a resolution to the House of Representatives calling on President Obama and Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton to “oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the “Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict” [Goldstone Report] in multilateral fora.  H.Res.867, along with author Ros-Lehtinen, has 38 co-sponsors. H.Res.867 has already made it past the introductory phase and has now been passed along to the U.S. House Committee on Foreign Relations for approval and will be put to the House floor for vote if approved. Please check the members of the Foreign Relations Committee for your representative and contact them. There is also an option to contact the Committee on Foreign Relations as a whole. If we truly live in a democracy, then we should put this to the test. We must not allow Israel to continually avoid the consequences of its actions. Operation Cast Lead was an atrocious war that killed nearly 2000 innocent civilians; nearly 500 of which were children. CHILDREN! We cannot allow the State of Israel to continue its baby killing method of warfare. If your representative is not on the council, such as in my case, then contact your House Rep. as well. There is a huge push in the opposite direction calling on Reps. to co-sponsor the resolution… we have to do what we can to counter the veiling of Israel’s human rights abuses.


Three Palestinian brothers Sidki, 8, Ahmad, 12, and Mohammed Absi, 14, (no left-right available) who were killed in an Israeli missile strike, during their funeral in Rafah refugee camp, southern Gaza.

The following is a sample of the letter I wrote to both my representative and the Committee on Foreign Relations, feel free to use it:

Rep. ______________,

Presently, Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen [R-FL18], has put forth a bill, H.Res.867, that calls upon Pres. Obama and Sec. of State Clinton to “oppose unequivocally any endorsement or further consideration of the “Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict” in multilateral fora.” The resolution has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. If this resolution happens to make it past the House Committee on Foreign Affairs I am no less than begging that you oppose the resolution in the House vote. The United Nations is a regulatory body that was established in the wake of WWII to prevent wars and provide a platform for dialogue. The UN Human Rights Council is an essential branch of the duties of the United Nations. Were our President or Secretary of State to oppose further consideration of the Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict the United Nations Human Rights Council, and perhaps the UN as a whole, will be rendered useless. Opposing further consideration of this report is a ludicrous request at best. How could “further consideration” be a bad thing? The United States’ continual use of veto power in the UN Security Council has done much to upset nations and populations that would otherwise not only be our allies, but support our endeavors to a degree we have yet to be familiar with. It is essential that we, the citizens of the United States, show that we are, at the very least, in favor of allowing the international community look further into allegations of war crimes of any nation, friend or foe.

As a voter, as a supporter, and as your constituent I am asking that you not allow such a request to leave the House of Representatives with your vote of approval. Allow the United Nations to maintain its duties.

Call or write:

U.S. House of Representatives
Committee on Foreign Affairs
2170 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-5021