So if these cell leaders defy IDF orders to freeze building will the IDF shoot them as they do with the Palestinians, albeit unprovoked?  I say fire away.  The IDF can finally be useful for a change.  They should probably start with that Ha’ivri guy who’s been stalking me on twitter for several months now.

To be sure, the “freeze” is symbolic, as are all gestures from the Israeli government.  The 10-month freeze is on new building permits only, meaning all projects currently underway will proceed uninhibited. “We will not halt existing construction and we will continue to build synagogues, schools, kindergartens and public buildings essential for normal life in the settlements,” Netanyahu said.

Another tidbit to take into accord as to this “freeze” is that while continued building is indeed a problem, it is the existence of the settlements of old that are an obstacle to peace as well. Every settlement comes equipped with its very own militia, complete with terror training camps, and is reinforced by the Israeli Occupation Forces. It is the presence of IDF in the West Bank that causes the Palestinians to live in constant fear and under less than humane conditions. Checkpoints, flashpoints, incursions, raids, and kidnappings are the duties of the occupying army in the West Bank.