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By Matthew Kalman


Left-right tensions are rising on Israeli campuses over the complex legacy of Zionist ideology and the place of Zionism in Israeli society, with a call for students at one university to report on “Thought Police” professors, a campaign that is being likened to “McCarthyite” tactics in the United States.

The tensions pit radical academics, who are being accused of pursuing a political agenda and silencing pro-Zionist views, against Zionist groups, accused of a “witchhunt” against professors who reject the mainstream Israeli narrative.

Things came to a head at University of Haifa with the publication this fall of an advertisement in the new student calendar by IsraCampus, a watchdog modeled on Campus Watch in the United States.

Under the heading “Warning! Academic Fifth Column!,” students are alerted to “professors and lecturers in Israeli universities and colleges who are involved in subversive activities.” The ad alleges that the professors “openly support terrorist attacks against Jews, initiate an international boycott of Israel, make use of their status in the classroom for anti-Israeli incitement and anti-Zionist brainwashing, collaborate with known anti-Semites, denounce Israel as a fascist-colonialist state and an apartheid regime.”

Meanwhile, a campus poster published by Im Tirzu — a movement seeking to reinvigorate Zionism — invites students to call a special hotline to “Stop the Thought Police in Academia” by reporting anti-Zionist lecturers or syllabi.

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Is there any wonder as to why Israel is recruiting student spies to stifle education in Israel and America? There are subtle, but notable changes occurring as Israel is slowly losing its mandate and capital as concerns the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in the Palestinian territories and of the apartheid conditions Palestinians live under in Israel proper. Education is, indeed, the key to victory for the human race, an elimination of ignorance and alleviation of fear-based actions that lead to undue aggression against an innocent population. Of course the oppressive state of Israel has invested itself thoroughly in combat truthful discourse in institutions of higher learning. What do you think will happen when the entire world becomes educated?

– Kicking Horse