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Dear “Representative”,

Although registered non-partisan, I’ve generally voted democrat.  The last round of midterm elections, when the Dems established a choke hold, and the recent election of Pres. Obama and the furthering of the dem’s mandate in the Congress provided me with much hope.  Immediately our President began to press this mandate and called for some drastic changes, as promised.  One year later, nothing’s happened.  Legislation has been voted on to regulate the college football playoffs.  Nice.  But what about the issues that we care about, the issues you, as a so-called Progressive, promised to deliver on when we gave you this mandate.  We voted out the naysayers and the crackpots… well, that’s what we were led to believe.  This health care “reform” package is a sorry piece of legislation.  Without a public option we are forced into the arms of the insurance companies a public option, and health care reform in general was supposed to protect us from.  You’ve taken the poor, and previously uninsurable, out of the wild where the wolves have had their ways’ with us, penned us up and invited the wolves to dine upon us at their leisure, although with some “constraint” or regulation.  We’re still prey to the same insurance companies a public option would have rescued us from.  Our government of the people, by the people, and for the people has once again proven itself to be farcical and inept.

Mr./Mrs. “Representative”, I’d like very much to campaign and assist you in being reelected, if only you had my interests in mind.  I’ve followed your career closely, as is my duty.  I know of every vote you’ve cast, every “present” you’ve declared, etc.  You don’t represent me, or anyone I know of in my position, themselves your constituents.  As so-called Progressives, what exactly are we “progressing” towards?  Perhaps there are others that you do represent.  Perhaps they are in the majority and you are, thus doing your duty.  I’m not convinced though.  I will no longer be voting the lesser of two evils.  And yes, I did, without qualm, use the term “evil.”

Aharon Ahmad Morris
Kicking Horse
San Francisco, Ca