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During the first four minutes of Zionist entity’s devastating winter assault on the Gaza Strip, launched 11:25am local time one year ago today, over 60 warplanes struck 50 targets, ultimately killing and injuring hundreds by midnight. At least 228 Palestinians lost their lives during the opening hours of the offensive, including 25 women and children, making 27 December 2008 the deadliest day for the local population in the occupied territories since Zionist entity first invaded in 1967. Medical officials say some 700 Palestinians were injured by nightfall, 140 of them seriously. Hospitals turned away patients as doctors performed multiple surgeries in the same operating theaters, as well as in ordinary examination rooms. “The situation – actually there was chaos, total chaos,” according to the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the Strip, Mahmoud Daher, who was enjoying his day off when Zionist  fighter jets leveled the Gaza City police headquarters just south of… More »


Al Khalil – Zionist occupation forces kidnapped two citizens from the town of Beit Omar north of Al Khalil.

Media sources reported that the Zionist forces kidnapped both Turki Mohamed Al Alami (25 years), Mohamed Mahmoud Al Alami (27 years) from their homes in the town of Beit Omar, stressing that they were transferred to an unknown location.

Witnesses also reported that a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a military site at the entrance to the town of Beit Omar by Palestinian youths. More »


Palestinian sources reported today morning that the Zionist forces near Biet Hanoun city north of Gaza strip killed three Palestinian civilians; the sources added that a fourth one survived.

Eyewitnesses said that the Zionist forces killed the three Palestinians and prevented the Palestinian ambulances from giving the first aid to the Palestinians, they bled to death.

Eyewitnesses added that the Palestinians were looking in the remains of buildings near Biet Hanoun crossings. More »