Recently a friend of mine told me that if you want to see how truly fcuked up the world really is, in terms of intelligence and hate, then read YouTube comments.  I’ve done my share of commenting on YouTube, and I’ve seen quite a bit, yet it wasn’t until I started uploading news clips that the wackos really started making an impression with me.  Just for some good holiday fun I’ve decided to share a few of my recent favorites.  Feel free to stalk these people if you like, I don’t care.

from:  @borpee: If these “gays” supposedly have no control over their attraction to their own gender, then would that also mean that if someone hates them it may be uncontrollable too, and they’re just meant to hate? Because if you were say that hating someone is controllable, then you’d have to say that liking someone is controllable. And if these individuals like their own gender, then….those thoughts may not be so uncontrollable.


Comment on your video: American Soldier Speaks from Captivity (2 of 2)

from @ Mahoney1981:  If they are so smart, why can’t they figuire out a way to increase their average lifespan above the age of 44 or live off of more than $2 a day. Oh yeah buddy, the peak of civilization. I hate living in America. They rape their children and train them to go to war so they can be martyrs in a cloud in heaven, while our 4 year olds are on that cloud right now, eating good food and getting proper medical attention. Darn you Westernism, you haven’t contributed anything to the world.


Comment on your video:  Israeli Occupation Forces Ridiculous PR Attempt

from: @ Jew5WreckNations:  go eat a dick


Comment on your video: Lindsey Graham Cites Blacks as Disadvantage to State

From: @CKGuns:  No you are the idiot, Look at the arrest reports in all the major cities. You will find that majority of crimes are made by blacks. Why is that the prisons are overcrowed with blacks? I dont make this up. You can google it, However I don’t need to as I have wore the badge and still do wear one. Only the facts here. Sorry if you dont like it.

From: @dredpiraterob:  you are an idiot…most crimes are committed by whites…if for no other reason…there are more whites in this country….why dont you do us all a favor and be one more white guy to commit a crime…and kill yourself…

From:  @dredpiraterob:  its not a matter of liking it…the fbi statistics say something different…and wearing a badge doesnt preclude you being an idiot….why oh why couldnt you have been in a coffee shop in lakewood a few weeks ago…dumb ass….



Comment on your video:  Olbermann’s Special Comment on Failed Health Care Bill (Part 1)

From:  @jackmomoff:  the problem with men like olbermann is he doesn’t put his faith in the lord and light of jesus h. christ, the one true lord and savior. if we want god’s love we must make the people have faith for his second coming…not rest in the money…the insurance companies need it their way to make jesus love apparent. cause we need faith. bless the us and israel for the christ coming!!!! god bless out government!!

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