30/12/2009 / IRAN

A protestor photographed on Dec. 27 in Tehran. Source: Teheranlive.

Sheema, a protestor who took part in Sunday’s demonstration, tells us about how a group of officers were caught by protestors, and about the abuse of women at the hands of Basij militiamen.


“In Iran women are considered sensitive creatures”

Sheema, 26, is a Fine Art student from Tehran.

We were charged at by every kind of authority – Basij militiamen, plain clothes officers, revolutionary guards, riot police, ordinary police…

Dec. 27 at Vali Asr roundabout, Tehran. Source “alpaka101”. The police charge at 1’10.

This is the first time I’ve seen people so angry. Primarily because of the last few days of suppression; we didn’t think they’d shoot at us again. But what really got people mad was the police abusing women. In Iran women are considered sensitive creatures, that men are expected to protect. So when men saw women being beaten by the police, they snapped….Read more…