It’s official – I’m manic again. Symptoms include but are not limited to:

-Mind won’t stop.
-Vivid imagination.
-Constant fb posts.
-Handwritten letters to a beautiful woman I would pledge my life to in a second.
-Mischievous grinning.
-Remembered how to heal the world. No, like I really know how – no joking.
-Google Drive filling up with elaborate plans to change the whole earth for the better.
-Revisiting, restructuring, re-prioritzing the list of targets I’ve compiled over the years to fix EVERYTHING
-Purposely leaving statements like the above ambiguous and therefore entirely open to interpretation.
-Publicly called my father the n-word on fb.
-Long list of symptoms of mania on fb.
-Singing Luther Vandross songs joyously in public at 5am.
-Thinks medication stifles me, keeping me from perfection.
-Slides carelessly between 1st and 3rd person like…

-Thinks he’s amazing

Like really… I am amazing.