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I haven’t posted in a while.  I started this blog years ago thinking it was going to be a valuable news source as well as my ideological parking lot for all my followers to read and be enlightened; and I don’t mean “followers” in the twitter or instagram sense, I meant more in the “minions” sense.  There were things happening in the world that the world was so incredibly misinformed about and I had to assume my position as minister of information to the people. Wait, I mean, Minister of Information to the People. I was a very important person once.  On top of the Minister of Information to the People position, I had the alternate, perhaps more important duty of being the By Any Means Necessaryist.  I knew what had to happen and how to make it happen – by any means necessary – you know, like Malcolm and Denzel and them.  Turns out my methodology was not simply vital, but also a bit too much to publish. When I recognized just how important I was I realized the need to “go underground.” So I limited my online presence.  Deactivated the Facebook. Stopped posting my plans for baptizing the world with fire on public spaces.  I was becoming very serious about things for a while.

Then it stopped.  I stopped. Everything stopped.

I wasn’t so important. I was actually quite regular.

Then that stopped.

I was irregular, only not in the sense I wanted to be.

Then that stopped, too.

Oh wait, wait…yeah. This is what ‘bipolar’ is.  Good old ‘let the meds flow BP-II.’

It all matters so much. it all doesn’t matter so much at all. it doesn’t matter at all. Nothing matters. It matters that it doesn’t matter. Does it matter that it doesn’t really matter? What matters? What’s the matter?

Matter. Matter matters?

So – in the spirit of matter that matters but nothing that really matters really matters I give you my latest post.

Because it doesn’t really matter.


admittedly taken without permission

Artist: Darren Coffield
Source: Darcoff.com
Title: “Bipolar”